Comfy Calf Suites’ plastic planks are interlocking. You just snap them together to create side panels that are 41" or 51" (104.14 or 129.54cm) in height. Once your posts are in place (either stationary style or removable hoop style are available), drop in the front gate, mount a channel to the back wall and slide in the panel. Then simply pin the panel to the channel and you are done!


With Comfy Calf Suites there’s no more climbing over gates or straining under the roof of a hutch to feed, dehorn, treat or observe calves. The galvanized spindle gates at the front of the stall allow you to easily monitor each calf’s condition. When you want to enter the stall, the gate can be operated with one hand and it swings in or out. The two-way self-closing latch secures the gate behind you.
Easy access to calves in an indoor environment promotes greater interaction time between workers and calves. 


There’s no moving of animals when you want to switch calves to group pens. Simply remove the side panels and instantly create an open space for housing a group of six, eight or even ten calves (limited by the number of stalls in the row.) This provides a simple step-up phase to larger groups. Calves are exposed to increased social interaction in a controlled environment.


Comfy Calf Suites' dividers are non-porous so, unlike plywood dividers, they aren’t likely to harbor diseases. Calves are close together, yet remain isolated to prevent the spread of disease. There’s zero nose-to-nose contact with the extended front design. Air moves easily through the pen’s open top and front, producing a healthy environment. Vented back wall allows fresh air to flow through, removing airborne organisms, dust, odors and excess moisture. Lower panels of the vented back wall also allow calves to nest during colder temperatures.


Unlike calf hutches, which inefficiently spread calves out over large areas, Comfy Calf Suites are together in a row. Maintain more calves in less floor space and minimize the distance you carry feed and other supplies.


Comfy Calf Suites have a versatile design and can be set up in many types of facilities.  
Producers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe are choosing Comfy Calf Suites (including numerous repeat customers) to raise calves in curtain barns, greenhouses and other type of facilities.


Comfy Calf Suites dramatically decrease the amount of time and effort spent on cleaning pens vs. some alternatives. Simply slide away the dividing side panels and zip through with a skidsteer for a fast, easy clean-up. Plastic panels can be power-washed and they dry quickly, too.


Comfy Calf Suites are built tough to house calves up to 8-10 weeks of age. The 10” (25.40 cm) deep interlocking plastic panels are a full 2” (5.1 cm) in width with intermediate reinforcements inside to add strength. Heavy hot-dipped galvanized steel is used to construct the front spindle gates, posts and bucket brackets. Stainless steel panel channels and back wall brackets are designed for maintenance-free durability.