Join Canarm AgSystems Dairy Products Manager, Bill Krul as he takes you through a 360° tour to experience superior calf comfort and see why Comfy Calf Suites are used in over 6000 barns worldwide.
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Get up close and personal with our Comfy Calf Suites.  Experience Superior Calf Comfort for yourself in 360˚!  Spin all around and click on the hotspots to view videos and learn more about all of the features and benefits. 
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Comfy Calf Suites offer an advanced, innovative housing alternative to outdoor hutches and other labor intensive options for penning. Comfy Calf Suites are safe, efficient and most importantly, very comfortable for your calves and you. Ideal for calves up to eight to ten weeks of age, they are built with durable plastic planks and heavy-duty hardware. Comfy Calf Suites are easy to install, easy to clean and the open-front gates allow you to keep a close eye on the future of your dairy herd. Producers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe are choosing Comfy Calf Suites (including numerous repeat customers) to raise calves in curtain barns, greenhouses and other type of facilities.

“You can walk by very quickly and observe calves in the pens. If there is a calf that is sick, you can easily open up the door and go inside, and look at the calf closely and take its temperature.”


Dr. Hugh Chester-JoNES

University of Minnesota

“I think employees spend more time with each calf. In huts, when (employees) are feeding (calves), they have to be constantly bent over and that is so uncomfortable.”


Terri Abing

Majestic View Dairy

“Dealing with baby calves in the (CanarmAg Systems) individual calf hutch has made life much easier. Labor time has been cut in half.”



“Many of our problems were solved with the Comfy Calf Suite system." "And now the calves are healthier because they have more area and are separated from one another. ”